About Us

Specialists in Finishing & Refurbishing Ceramic Tile
Charlotte MacIlraith CTC (Certified Ceramic Tile Consultant) and a CSLBIE (California State Licensing Board Industry Export)

Charlotte and her partner (husband) Evan MacIlraith own Ceramic Tile Refinishers in Southern and Northern California. Charlotte’s nephew, Jameel Comier, runs the Northern California Business. They have over 2 decades of hands-on experience in cleaning, detailing and sealing of tile, stone, marble and grout joints and much more. They are also experts in all aspects of the various detailed jobs in tile restoration. We have earned the reputation of solving problems others say cannot be resolved. Thus her title “World renowned Tile Refurbishing Expert”. Her insight into the world of cleaning tile is unique. Her satisfied clients span households, commercial, industrial, and government projects.

After more than 2 decades in the tile cleaning industry and years of experimenting with different cleaners, and never finding the perfect product, Charlotte decided to create one. Charlotte & Evan are pleased to announce the arrival of their new product line, Charlotte ™ Products. These cleaning products were developed by Charlotte using the latest technology for tile care and giving you exactly what is wanted and needed to make cleaning easy and effortless.

Additionally, they specialize in Grout Coloring, which is a process of cleaning your grout and then changing the color to your dream color or bringing the existing color back to looking new. This product is also a grout sealer. They specialize in bringing bathrooms and kitchens back to showroom quality.

They  specialize in staining and sealing “Saltillo Tiles”; whether it is a new tile installation or an existing tile installation. They can stain the Pavers to match ANY color, including popular designer colors.

They also provide you with maintenance information according to your individual needs. All their workmanship is guaranteed. They are guided by a strong sense of fairness and integrity and they conduct their business in a caring, professional manner. Recommendations from their satisfied clients are the mainstay of their business. They study their tile refinishing challenges thoroughly and formulate a plan based on their educated background in tile restoration to exceed expectations of their clients.

Additionally, non-slip treatments are available for existing floors with slip problem.