Buckets of Information

by Charlotte MacIlraith

Dear Charlotte, (From Chris Manning)

After reading about your tile and grout cleaning business in Theresa’s column, I knew we needed help with our ancient shower and it’s hopeless grout and caulking. I had used practically every product and plenty of cursing to no avail. I was all ready for you to come over and get started when the attacks on September 11 happened. Finally, after my six weeks in New York with the Red Cross, we were able to reschedule your visit here.

“It’s so easy and fun, too”, you said. Ha! I thought, easy for you to say. But after watching you and learning from you all day, I had to agree. If nothing else, it’s clear that you really love your work and sharing information about your products and tools. You are also so very generous with your expertise.

In fact, you’ve created a cleaning monster!

Yesterday, while you were working in the bathroom, I used some of your Gentle Scrub on the stainless sink in the kitchen and couldn’t believe the difference. Of course, I did spend a lot of time just watching you work in the bathroom, picking up little tricks to save on the elbow grease.

While waiting for you to come back to re-grout the shower, I was busy in the other bathroom washing the tile with Shower Magic and ripping out the caulking. It’s a good thing you left your tools here overnight, because they really made the difference.

Poor Dick, then we had two bathrooms out of commission thanks to my zeal. And in between cleaning that bathroom with your very effective products, I went after a few other choice cleaning challenges. First the washing machine, which became unbalanced because I was washing… what else, the bathroom rugs. It’s only when the machine is unbalanced that I could see the fun little dirt scum that surrendered pretty easily to your All-surface Cleanser and an old toothbrush. But then I had to take out part of the middle that looked like it needed cleaning and so on…

I especially like the little hints you give — it’s like having Heloise at home for a day, and my bathrooms are like new. Thanks!