Minding Your Business

by Theresa Gallagher, Roadrunner Newspaper

Who ever thinks much about the floors we walk on?

I notice, however, every time I get my floors cleaned, carpet and tile, I am immediately uplifted. Is this merely a female thing? I wonder.

Many of you may wonder yourselves, which leads me into this piece. Charlotte MacIlraith is founder and owner of Ceramic Tile Refinishers. You may notice her column in our paper. You may know her around town or through business. One thing for certain, Charlotte shows up in many ways and her business is like the chameleon, it keeps changing colors and ever growing.

Her unique philosophy of life flows into her work. She has managed to take ceramic tile cleaning to new frontiers.

I personally had no idea there was so much to maintaining grout. Like the glue to living, I’ve found its importance is in the maintenance.

Charlotte began her business in Northern California in 1980 and came to Valley Center on a wing and a prayer with her business partner and husband, Evan, and their children.

I’ve always felt that Valley Center holds a special force for creative people. They come and they prosper. Her business has grown by leaps & bounds. As a Certified Ceramic Tile Consultant and licensed contractor Charlotte specializes in finishing and refurbishing all ceramic tile, grout, and Mexican pavers.

Now this is a definite attraction and she has recently developed the means to stain these pavers to match any designer colour, e.g.: Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart. Not only can she transform old bathroom and kitchen to a like new state, she now has her own line of cleaning products called, Charlotte Custom Products. Now if you know this elaborate woman she always dons showpiece nails. This is a giveaway that her cleaning products must really work well, because she has exemplary nails.

Charlotte says she was told many times by her business peers that what she has created couldn’t be done. She has proved otherwise. Her marketing skills are visionary. She projects her ideas quite rapidly. She has maintained a “helpful-tip” column, “Buckets of Information”, in our paper and appeared on Your Home Show, ksdo 1130, a San Diego based talk show, and on HGTV, a cable network program which targets do-it yourself people. She is currently working on a video program of “How-To’s”.

Charlotte also has merged with a manufacturer to create “Custom Saltillo International” and is producing custom-stained Mexican pavers and newly imported Italian tiles.

She has beaten the odds and taken her business into a new phase and taken the big plunge, or as she says, “the quantum leap”.

If you need anything related to ceramic tile, either service, products, or custom designs consult with “The Queen of Tile”, Charlotte @ 760-751-9765 or email her at info@ceramictilerefinishers.com. Mention Theresa @ The Roadrunner.