Press Release

Imagine your favorite shade of caramel beige that enhances the custom white-chocolate swirls that you personally mixed to paint the walls of your newly decorated home. If you planned for a tile floor, until now your only option was to pick a tile that was distributed to everyone, all over the United States. Now imagine that the only time someone could see that special color floor, your color, is in your home, on YOUR floor.

Custom Saltillo International is able to make this dream a reality. Mexican pavers has a new name. Its called the colour-match program and C.S.I. will match and stain your saltillo. If you want your floor to be that perfect shade of “antique gold” with a touch of “golden beach at sunset”, its now… not never.

Most consumers assume that off-the-rack flooring is the only option for floor covering. Being a designer-oriented company, Custom Saltillo International is partnering with some of the most prestigious show-rooms across the U.S. and is even in correspondence with several exporters. C.S.I. uses sun dried clay floor tiles as a base for the ultimate elegance in custom coloured flooring. Any color you choose to match any decor arrives ready for installation stained and sealed by hand in southern California.

C.S.I. combines import/export experience with over twenty years of Mexican paver finishing and refurbishing. As more home owners and designers realize the incredible potential behind the ability to customize saltillo tiles, C.S.I. stands on the threshold of enabling home owners to add a beautiful custom look with a rustic history to their saltillo flooring.